Friday, July 5, 2013


For this assignment I chose my pastor, Gregory Askew. The reason I chose him is because I have noticed not only in his speaking to the congregation but also in my conversation with him regarding an issue. As I began to speak to him about this particular person, I began to say things such as this person did something to hurt me and he corrected me on more than one occasion, stating that this person did something that hurt me. He helped me to realize that although I felt as if the person was doing this intentionally to hurt me, it could be that what happened hurt me but it was not necessarily the person's intention to hurt me. This helped me to channel my words in a correct way to realize what I am saying and how I am saying it.  Communication is not necessarily your speaking but also listening and understanding what is being said. Pastor Askew is very careful of the words he uses and makes sure to allow the person to hear exactly what is being said without having to read between the lines.  I am working on my communication skills so that I can effectively communicate the things I desire to say and not find myself apologizing for things that were taken out of context. I believe if we communicate effectively there is no reading between the lines.


  1. So true! When we are effective communicators, I too believe that there should be nothing left for anyone to assume. They should have a complete and total understanding of what we are saying. Learning to be exact and careful in our word choice, to be thoughtful in our actions and respectful in our listening, will help us all be better communicators. It sounds as though we could all take some lessons from your pastor!

  2. Seletha,

    Great Point!!! If we communicate effectively there is no reading between the lines, everything is said and nothing is left unmentioned. I am looking to gain the skills to be considered a competent and effective communicator. I am so self conscious of the thing I say or write, because I feel as if my point is not coming across, therefore, requiring me to over state. With the skills of a competent communicator, life would be less stressful.